Change Happens when you Care Enough to Change Within

I’m out to change Belief Systems (BS) and we creatives need a change that matches our passion, meets our purpose and give us true meaning.

I didn’t think it was even possible. To be a successful creative just seemed so unreal. Or so I was told when I announce at the tender age of 10 that I was going to grow up and be an Artist. Shot done before I even had a chance.

Well. I’m back! 40 some years later and I’m doing this thing! Nice to know I’m not alone in wanting to make this change.

Don’t forget to keep having fun and don’t believe it when people tell you it has to be hard. It does not have to be anything unless you believe it to be true.

What's this site about

Big Dreams Start with Small Steps

I’ve been teaching Visual Art Journaling since 2015. I am a self taught artist who enthusiastically shares my skills and passion for creativity.

I earned a certificate in coaching from the Coach Training Alliance in 2008 as well as taking additional classes in addiction recovery coaching from 

In 2017 I studied with Jill Badonsky, and her Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach training. And even though this fell short of my expectations, I didn’t let this stop me from finding new ways to support creativity in every women who came to my ongoing weekly Art Journal Groups that I started in 2015. 

In 2020 I moved all my creative art journal groups online. You can find out more on joining these weekly groups here.

Starting in 2019 I began my studies at Transformation Academy in order to become the coach I’ve been dreaming of since I first became certified in 2008. 

I have a drive to make transformation and change a part of our daily lives in a way that’s fun and creative. We can change our world one person at a time.  

Finding My Purpose and Supporting Us

Since my very first coach training my dream has been to become a Transformation Coach.

These days you can find me studying how we can make transformation a part of our daily lives.

I’m working towards new coaching certifications to expand my toolbag and find creative ways to help others make change possible. 

I’m learning to understand the transformations I have made in life by learning more about the tools that I have been using for years.

My accomplishments mean nothing if I don’t reach out to support others as we learn, grow and change together. Please join me, we are all in this together.