Feeling Outside the Box

Sometimes, early events set the stage for the stories we live by. Today I was out to uncover one particular story to reveal what's behind the curtain.

When I was very young I gave a homemade gift made out of a used oatmeal canister. I remember the kids snickering at me while they presented their store-bought gifts as if they were better than me. 

Sometimes these early events set the stage for the stories we live by. Today I was out to uncover that story. 

My story ended up being that I feel like an outsider. I've always felt like I don't belong, it's a sort of badge that I wear, a core wound if you will. Yet it is just a story I tell myself, a story that holds me back and keeps me on the outside.

Step 1) Writing about the event is an important start. Lately, I've been doing this in a crisscross fashion. I like how it hides the writing so that I don't get too caught up in the words. 

Step 2) Then I start the collage process, which I do directly on top of the writing, usually covering it completely.  

Step 3) Drawing into the images helps me to meditate on the collage. These marks also make the images more personal.

Step 4) Discovering the hidden message is the most important part of the Rewrite Your Story process. I usually start with a word or phrase that I cut out from a magazine to use in my collage, then I expand on it.

Now I get to choose a new story, one that's more empowering. Not sure exactly what that is, but I've opened the door (or the box, lol) to new possibilities and I trust what comes next to guide me.

Later that day...

Truth be told, I have no desire to fit in. When I was in 7th grade back in the 70s, I decided I was going to fit in and be a socialite. I ended up seeing how phony the popular girls in my school were. I ran as far as I could to the other side, which ended up getting me into a lot of trouble (drinking, smoking, and running away from home). 

But "trouble" was part of my journey and I needed to go through it to get to where I am now. And I love my life now, it's deep, rich, and full of creative adventure. It's funny the memories that come up after doing a deep journal page.

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