Are You Ready to Rewrite Your Story?

Are you looking for a fun yet powerful way to Rewrite Your Story? Are you done with complicated steps that leave you more stressed and drained?

Did you know that change can be an intuitive, creative process that is enjoyable, fun, and easy?

Are you ready to engage with the creative power of true inner transformation?

Yes? Why not join the adventure and start living life on your terms!

Why Rewriting Your Story is Important and How can it Support You?

You are the creator of your life, and along the way, you may have created a few things that are just not working for you. In this class you will have a unique opportunity to shift your life away from the things that no longer serve you and begin to move towards a place of true empowerment. You need nothing more than to show up for yourself, tap into your infinite power of creativity, and make an intention to Rewrite Your Story.

Exploring Your Stories

Our brains are geared to find and make meaning of our lives. We do this primarily through stories. Stories give us a sense of place in the world, they give us ground to stand on. Changing your stories, changes how you perceive life and that is what Rewrite Your Story is all about.

Finding Your Strengths

You could spend a lot of time trying to fix the areas in your life that are simply not your strong suits. There is an easier way. By tapping into your strengths, you'll effortlessly tackle some of the biggest problems in your life. Your strengths are your gifts to living a better life.

Living Life on Purpose

Living your life in a conscious way will help you create a life you love to live. When you live your life on purpose, you are transported to a world you love, you give yourself permission to live life more fully. Starting with small steps, you can begin to transform your life.

Four Ways to Engage in the class

Interactive Calls

Join us on Zoom

Join live calls on Zoom every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 2pm Pacific. Calls are NOT recorded but lessons will be recorded if you miss a call.


OFF Facebook

Interact with your classmates and teacher without having to login to social media. This community is hosted right here on this website.

Online Videos

Self Guided

Inside the classroom you'll find several resources to help you go deeper into your story. These are optional, but highly recommended.

Extend Your Visit

Zoom Hangouts

In between classes you've invited to come hangout on zoom for an hour on Sundays at 2pm Pacific to ask questions and play in your story.

Here's What to Expect

  • Weekly Lesson Videos and Resources available 24/7
  • 2 Two Hour Live Zoom Calls every Month (NOT Recorded)  
  • Zoom Calls: 2nd and 4th Sunday, 2pm - 4pm Pacific Time
  • 1 Hour Bi-Weekly Hangouts on Zoom (between classes, same time)
  • Private OFF Facebook Community for Sharing and Support
  • 30 Day Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee 

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