If you live with pain, you know how much this monster can control your life. I want to help you turn down the volume so you can get back to living.


I know it's hard, we all have so much to do, but rest is essential. The quality of rest matters more than the amount.


If your not ready to release the pain, that's okay. Just knowing that release is part of recovery that will come in time, helps.


By letting go of your need to control the pain, you can open up to receiving the greater lessons to be learned. Art can help a lot.

Creative Soul Healing

Recently I was working on gently strengthening my shoulder muscles, nothing at all strenuous, just enough to build up some much needed core strength. Then, all of the sudden I could not move my right arm, and this was my good side! This video shares my healing through an art process and it’s one that you can easily use for your own healing.