Dream BIG – Vision Board and Visual Mapmaking

Have dreams? I dare you to dream bigger... Bigger... even BIGGER! There you go, now you're getting the idea. Want your dreams to come to life? You'll have to be willing to put that kind of BIG ENERGY into it, BIG CREATIVE ENERGY. A Vision Board will help you to do just that.
Dream Big to Energize your Life

Dream Big to Energize your Life

Dreaming big is an art. A Vision Board is form of creative energy that makes both big and small things shift. It’s a away to activate the magic of the Universe and tap into that infinet source of creative energy.

The Magic of Creative Dreaming through Vision Boards

There’s no one way to do this. The sky’s the limit! Go big, go 3D, go WILD! The only part that’s really super important is to HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Heart and Meaning

One of the biggest forms of creative energy for me is Heart and Meaning. When I give my dreams heart and fall in love with them, magic follows. When I find the bigger meaning in my goals, I get a very deep feeling that stays with me for a long time.

That feeling that you have while you are creating your vision board or visual map is the energy behind making your dreams real. The more positive feeling you emit and the more meaning you assign to your images, the more power you give your vision to really make the scene.

Do what makes heart and meaning come to life

Visual Mapmaking

Making visual maps is a wonderful way to explore possible pathways to realizing your dreams. There are so many ways to do this. Everything from abstract to actual, it’s all good.

You Have the Power to Create Your Life

My Creative BIZ Dream for 2020

Here’s a peek into my dreams for creating a business based on my heart and soul. Not everything I wrote here has to be a part of the end result, the goal with this vision board was to explore the possibilities.

My Creative Business Vision Board for 2020

This is true magic and you have everything you need to make this a part of your daily life. What are you waiting for, let’s do this thing!!!

Not sure what you REALLY WANT???? Check out my FREE Creative Playsheet to help you get started finding the dreams that are hiding inside, ready to come out and play.

Share Your Dreams

One final word of wisdom. When you share (not compare) your dreams you are expanding the power of creativity. Make sure you share with a supportive group of creative dreamers like you. This is the power of creative community!

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