How to Turn Fear, Stress and Negativity Around

Learn how to turn fear into growth with my exclusive Creative Playsheets. My worksheets will guide you gently and help transform how you handle stress, fear and negative thoughts.
Transforming Fear into Growth Original Playsheet

Have you ever tried to turn fear, stress or negative thoughts into something you can grow from?

Fear is one of those things that get in the way, fear is designed to stop us from hurting ourselves and others. But fear can do so much more if you allow it to.

Stress helps to motivate us, get us moving and keep us in motion, but somethings stress backfires and causes overwhelm that can stop us in our tracks.

Negative thoughts aren’t always as black and white as we make them out to be. They can help us to feel things in a different way and that’s a good thing because when you understand how your thoughts are causing you to feel a certain way, you can them turn them around.

Time to Transform

Using the following prompts, fill in the playsheet (or create your own) and watch the transformation happen. This is creative magic in action.

  • Give one of your fears a name (put this in a cave bubble)
  • Next podder what can you learn from this fear (write this in tree leave clusters)
  • Identify something that is stressing you out (another cave bubble)
  • Transform that stress into something useful (another leaf cluster)
  • List a negative thought that’s getting you down (cave bubble)
  • Now turn that thought around (leaf cluster)
  • Keep going until all the bubbles and clusters are complete.

Download the Playsheet here to print or play with on your iPad. You can use your intuitive senses to doodle, write or get creative in any way you want. My exclusive Creative Playsheets come in 4 printable copies.

Full Color Creative Playsheet
Grayscale  Creative Playsheet
Pastel  Creative Playsheet

Download Playsheets here to print or play with on your iPad.

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