Distracted? – what’s REALLY going on?

Do you suffer from distraction? Shiny Objects get in my way all the time. It's tough for me to reach my goals. What's going on here? I'd like to challenge the notion that this is something we need to fix!
When Novel Become Annoying

When I first started to explore the idea of leaning towards the novel, I found it annoying. Why did I have to put up with all these distractions? I get it, I’m a creative person and I love all things new and shiny. But does that mean I have to be distracted? Do I really need to just focus? What if there was some way to include the new and novel?

Some might say that it’s all the capitalism that drives us to distraction, and I can see that, but that’s not the whole of it. When we paint a picture in black and white, we end up with a lot of grey space in the middle. It’s the middle ground that makes me curious. Curious for the unseen, the untold, and the unknown.

Overwhelmed or Just enough?

Sometimes it’s important to let go of what we “think” needs to happen, in order to allow what is happening to be seen and heard. We can not always cover our eyes to what wants to be known, yet we always have a choice in how we perceive it.

What if, by including the things we call “distractions”, we find so much more to create? What if we took hold of our interests and instead of focusing on just one, we found a way to include them all?

Below is a Creative Playsheet that will help you expand your awareness.

  1. Use the clouds to record all the novel, distraction, and shiny objects.
  2. Use yourself as a focusing tool to combine and filter the clouds.
  3. Then let the results radiate out into your world.

Download my Exclusive Creative Playsheets

Now it’s your turn to explore. Download one of these Creative Playsheets. Print it out or import into an app on your iPad (I use Paper by WeTransfer so I can keep all my Visual Journals in neat little digital books)