The Endless Journey of Self Healing

Depiction of an endless journey. Where objects just below the surface, pull me down. These are the things that seemingly keep me from reaching my goals. My dreams appear on the horizon as the bright shinning spot to reach. And yet I never give up hope. Always the seeker who never fully arrives.
The Endless Journey or Hope

Life is constantly amazing me with the endless possibilities of directions my life take me in. It’s easy to get lost, distracted, and caught up in the seemly important things that I “must” do. But sometimes these are just distractions, sometimes they serve to keep me “safe”, and sometimes I feel like I never really arrive.

There’s always more to discover, there’s always going to be more work that could be done. But sometimes we just need to get on with it, set those fears and doubts aside and get on with living fully in the present moment. The future is not based on the past, it’s based on what we do NOW. This is the moment that counts.

I know, I know, going back and healing old wounds can seem like exactly what we need to keep moving forward, too clear the path. To make our dreams possible, we sometimes feel that we need to go back and “fix” things. But here’s the deal, going back is NOT moving forward.

You can disagree if you want, I get it. And going back in the past to heal can be a really great thing to do. Just be careful of getting sucked down into a never-ending spiral that keeps you from making real progress.