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I’ve been struggling with a set back that is really getting me down. I’ve had to live in physical pain most my life, so I’ve gotten pretty use to being in pain. And I generally know what to do and what not to do.

Recently I was working on gently strengthening my shoulder muscles, nothing at all strenuous, just enough to build up some much needed core strength. Then, all of the sudden I could not move my right arm, and this was my good side!

Two weeks later I can still barely move it, can’t even brush or wash my hair like a normal person. I was feed up and totally frustrated. I was only trying to do the right thing. Arrgh!

This video is a creative exercise that helps me turn down the volume of my pain. You might even recognize that I don’t really have arms in this painting, they are more like wings.

Nothing about this painting was planned, it’s a combination of being inspired by a book I got from the library and my own intuition.

Art is a great way to heal, to get the energy moving and to turn down the pain volume.

Are you curious to see what I’m doing about my shoulder? My Personal Recovery Plan includes some really excellent resources. This is something I want to start sharing more on because let’s face it, our medical system is failing us in so many ways and if you are like me, you’ve completely fallen through the cracks! I want everyone to feel empowered!

Comments on Creative Soul Healing – Art is a way to heal

  1. Yes, art is beginning to help me get through grief with the loss of my husband a little more than a year ago. I hate it when I miss your class, but having this video is a god send to me. Thank you so much. Rose Kaczak

    1. Avatar Karen Dawn says:

      I love hearing how you’re using art, life is challenging, glad I can help and really happy to see you helping yourself! See you in class.

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