Re-imagining the Meaning of Pain

Finding the Hidden Meaning of Pain can sometimes be found in the images I draw. This is one image that came from inside me after a rough night with pain that has become chronic in my shoulder.
Re-imagining the Meaning of Pain

I started with a red marker and scribbled a pain monster on the page in my visual journal. The Angel in the right-hand corner appeared next on the page. She began by showing me my own perspective of the pain being so much bigger than me. She helped me to see that this is a perspective that can be changed.

Out to shift my view of my own pain, I drew my hand, wanting to show that the pain wasn’t so big or powerful. Then I drew myself looking on with dispassion at this little pain monster sitting on my shoulder. It was then that I recognized the meaning.

Resentment became the meaning of my pain and now that I have named it, put it into perspective, I can allow it to leave or stay, knowing my Angel is there to show me the way.

Comments on Re-imagining the Meaning of Pain

  1. Avatar Rose Kaczak says:

    I am reading a book called, “Heal Your Body,” by Louise Hay. She gives her opinion on what different diseases mean and then an affirmation that can be repeated daily. I looked at cataracts and she said: “Inability to see ahead with joy. Dark Future. I do believe I have been seeing this way. The affirmation is, “Life is eternal and filled with Joy.” “I look forward to every moment.” I looked at what she says about Pain and here goes: “Guilt. Guilt always seeks punishment. Affirmation= I lovingly release the past. They are free, and I am free. All is well in my heart now. I really like your picture of yourself and how you see your pain. You are an amazing, creative and bright woman. Rose

    1. Avatar Karen Dawn says:

      Thanks Rose, I read that book many years ago when I was recovering. Sometimes it helps to see things from a different perceptive.

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