What’s Your Archetype?

There are many different systems that use archetypes as a platform of self-understanding. I love them all. Today I had the pleasure of joining in a Woman Unleashed Solstice Retreat and this is what came up for me on day two.
What's Your Archetype?

The image was drawn in an Altered Book I started on Friday, I’ll have a new video coming out later this week on the making of it.

I was asked who I admired or who I admired and was also triggered by. I immediately went right to the Healer, the mother. What I admire most about my mother is her strong voice when she stepped up and out on things women where not given a part in, like the NASA Space program.

Then when asked what part of her I did not embody, I reflected on Wisdom, the Old Crone. I’ll have to sleep deeply on what this is about. If you know me and have a clue, let me know.

Lastly I reflected on which archetype I was most revealing in my life at present, and the Muse comes up strong for me. I am coming into a time of creativity that moves through me. I feel my spirit coming alive as I share in the many ways to express creativity while helping other women explore their own creative uniqueness.

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