Learn how to go from Overwhelm to Organized
Overwhelmed with too much to do

Learn how to go from Overwhelm to Organized

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Is there just too much to do?
  • Looking for a better way to get organized?
I’m here to help you get unstuck and manage your mindset when things go a little crazy. I’ve designed a fun, creative system that I use everyday to keep me motivated, moving and on track. 

Overwhelm Will Crush Your Dreams

You don’t have to be stuck in a mindset that overwhelms you.

And yes, it’s a mindset that’s getting in your way, it’s your thoughts that cause your emotions and those emotions are driving the actions you take everyday.

But once you find a way to shift your thoughts, you can start shifting your actions and begin to achieve the results you really want out of life.

Overwhelmed with too much to do
Finding the time to do what you really want to do

Do you Struggle with finding the Time?

This first step to finding time is to start looking at how you already spend your time. I love to use a visual brainstorming method for this.

Next, break it down into categories such as My Time, Flexible TIme and Priority Tasks. I like to use a color labeling system for this part.

By doing this one thing, you will automatically activate the centers of your brain that will work night and day to shift the way you spend your time.

Visualize Doing the Things you Really Want

Visualization is a powerful process that powers up your brain. And recording the small steps (see Dream Big, Start Small) you take everyday and seeing how they add up can be a transformative experience.

Once you turn your brains influence centers on (during the brainstorming process above), it will work like a dog to get you to where you want to go.

You can even use visual journaling or doodledoes to visualize yourself taking action, feeling confident and thriving in the light at the end of the tunnel.

Visualize Success
Designing a Visible Visual System

Get Your Goals Up Where You Can See Them

It’s so easy to forget what we are doing. We have big dreams and life has a way of pushing them back. 

How I handle this is to put my goals, ideas and action steps up on a wall where I see them everyday.

I call this my Wall of Visibility and it works in a way that encourages me to keep at it, even when life has other plans.