This is my first Life Book 2020 session work which is nothing like the actual lesson, rather I took the idea of angels being with me and created my own piece of unique artwork that I plan on using for the cover of my Life Book Journal.

In this video you will see how it was created in just 3 minutes, unlike the 3 hours of the original Life Book 2020 session which is truly amazing to watch if you are totally new to doing art. I like to play along while I get started, then I’m off on my own thing.


Materials Used: A sheet of gessoed canvas (it comes in a pad like watercolor paper), coloring book images to trace, lightbox (you can use graphite transfer paper too or freehand it), pencil, various colors of liquid acrylics (any acrylic paints work) and titanium white, glazing medium for thinning paints (water works really well), Faber Castell brush pens (permanent pens), Uni-ball Signo 207 Gel Pen Black with Super Ink (water resistant black pen) and a little bit of glitter paint to make things shimmer and shine.

Tracing the Angels

Step One:

Trace or draw angels and yourself onto the canvas sheet or whatever surface medium you are using. I’m turning this into a journal cover and I love the flexibility and strength of canvas for this purpose.

Step 2 - Angels are with You

Step Two:

Try to keep your first layers of color on the lighter side, but don’t worry too much about it, you can always cover over with titanium white to either lighten the color or completely cover over it.

Step 3 - Angels are with You

Step Three:

I worked more on the left side where there was a shape that I didn’t really know what it was suppose to be. I ended up doing a guided meditation that inspired the imagery which I’ll continue to explore in the coming weeks.

Step 4 - Angels are with You

Step Four:

Continuing to enrich the details and the color in this stage. Working mainly on skin tone and faces which can be challenging. Here I mixed titanium white with a pin drop of magenta. No matter what color you are going for, remember that a little bit goes a long way.

Step 5 - Angels are with You

Step Five:

In this finishing step I added glitter paints, a symbol that I created for Letting Go (top left corner in the clouds), pen work to bring out the details and a few more layers of color to bring out the richness of this beautiful scene.

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