Making a Vision Map – Mapping Out Obstacles

A vision map is a little different from a vision board. They can both be constructed in the same way, but they each have their own purpose.

Think of a vision map as if it were a real map, after all, it can portray a journey of the road or of the heart.

This particular vision map was created as a way for me to understand how personal obstacles get in my way of reaching my goals.

Some of My Obstacles Include

  • Forgetting how important the Journey is
  • Getting lost in the Dream
  • Losing myself in the Possibilities
  • Becoming overwhelmed with Excitement
  • Looking back and not moving forward

Watch this short 20-min video to see how this Vision Map was made

If you would like to learn more about Creative Visual Planning and learn about the next steps, where I take this map and turn it into a card deck, check out my all-new class on Thinkific.

Making a card deck out of collage board

FREE Creative Visual Planning – Overwhelm to Organized

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