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Here's what I've been playing with

Finding Inspiration in Abstract Art

Abstract Art Made Easy

Abstract painting can be simple and fun when you use basic shapes and let go of expectations. This video is a mixed-media adventure that explores how to use layers to create some fabulously easy abstracts.

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Dream Big to Energize your Life

Dream BIG – Vision Board and Visual Mapmaking

Have dreams? I dare you to dream bigger… Bigger… even BIGGER! There you go, now you’re getting the idea. Want your dreams to come to life? You’ll have to be willing to put that kind of BIG ENERGY into it, BIG CREATIVE ENERGY. A Vision Board will help you to do just that.

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Dream Big Start Small

As a creative person I have a million dreams and they are all big. So when it comes to getting anything done, I usually struggle. It can feel so hard to get started and even harder to keep going. By shifting our perspective we can dream big AND start small.

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Picasso Faces of Our Changing Times

Picasso Faces of Our Changing Times

This is a great crafty activity for uncovering our changing times that are making things seem a little distorted, as we rearrange our lives to create a new inner, as well as outer world, that is a truer reflection of who we really are.

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