Tap into the Universe as Your Marketing System

Struggling with Marketing on the Internet? Tired of marketing promises that don't work? Looking for a Natural Alternative to popular marketing strategies? I'm no expert, I don't know all the right buzz words, but I'll do my best to give you a view that I believe will help you to make marketing work for your online business.
Tapping into the magic of universal communication

Whenever I hear people say, “Facebook is Dead” or “Websites are Dead,” I want to jump up and down screaming! I’ve seen people take this “advice” to heart AS IF it were a fact. 

These are opinions, and they come for a place or fear and lack. 

I have a much broader view of how the universe works and how we can interact with these “MAN-made” tools. 

However, if you enjoy working in any of these marketing tools (web, Facebook, Instagram, and the like) and it feels RIGHT for YOU, go for it and don’t let the negative outlook of others take away your real power. 

How you FEEL about something matters. 

What you BELIEVE will change your reality!

Why I Love/Hate Marketing

I hate mainstream advertising because everyone is doing it. And if everyone is doing it, nobody is paying attention. 

Our brains love to help us out by blocking out extra noise to focus on what’s important. But sneaky marketers are hip to this, and so they use emotional hooks to get us to notice and react to their ads.

Yet I love marketing because it’s really about making connections and tapping into the universal energy. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it authentically for you.

How the Universe Works as a Marketing Tool

Let’s take a look at how the universe works and how man has created tools, like the internet, email, and social media, that mimic nature and how to tap into it.

Email and Telepathy

te·lep·a·thy – the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Sending Universe Messages vs using email

Email is a tool that most people use every day without much thought into how it works. But when we look at how email works, we see how email and telepathy connect in some exciting ways.

Think about it this way. If you were living 100 years ago and someone tried to explain what email was, you might think of it as magic or psychic ability. And in many ways, this is absolutely true! 

Email marketing is a way of reaching out to individuals. It’s like going up to someone in a grocery store and sharing your enthusiasm for a product you just discovered. 

Communication is part of being human, and email fits in so seamlessly that we don’t have to think about it, we simply use it as a way to connect with others.

Social Media and the Collective Conscious 

Social media is all about relationships and engagement. In the modern world, it exists on the same magical plane as email/telepathy.

Collaborating as the Collective Conscious in a Social Media setting

Collective consciousness is how we all connect. And when applied to social media, it’s viewed as collectively, shared experiences

Facebook groups are social groups created on the internet. Rather than existing as separate individuals, people come together as dynamic groups to share resources and knowledge.

Want to Dive Deeper? https://returnonnow.com/2010/08/social-media-analogies/

Internet as a Metaphor

Our internet is the connection that makes it possible for us to use these tools. It is the magical particle wave that runs through everything (okay, maybe not everything, lol)

Without the use of metaphors, the concept of the internet is abstract and its infrastructure challenging to comprehend. The internet is like a shopping mall, a library or bookstore, a place where people gather and exchange ideas, a way to explore our world, and a place where we can find universally available information.

Want to dive even deeper? Check this out… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_metaphors

In Closing

I love websites and the internet; they are one of the most amazing tools I have experienced in my life. Everything is so much easier to access because of the web and our incredible search engines. 

As a woman, I’m careful about subscribing to a man’s way of tapping into marketing and advertising. I know that for me, there is a much more intuitive way. I’m always looking for ways I can naturally tap into how the universe works. 

Just by understanding and perceiving how these things work can help us to have more confidence in the way we get our products and services out to the people who need them. We don’t need to buy into human-made methods, although we can if it feels right.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you as I continue to explore and build my own online business that supports my sisters and a world that we can make better through sharing our gifts.