Magical Morning Practice – the Art of Letting Go

Morning, for me, is the perfect time to explore ideas and meditate on them. This morning I was pondering the idea of letting go of the desired outcome where my business is concerned. How creating, while letting go, can lead to some unpredictable, yet amazing results.
Magic is in the Letting Go

One of my favorite ways of working with the more profound messages that want to be known is by pulling cards. I usually use tarot, but sometimes I use my homemade cards or any deck where the images inspire.

I shuffle the cards while holding an idea, intention, or question in my mind. If a card falls out, I take a look at it. These cards, I call them jumpers, are messages that usually command my attention.

I like to keep things simple and not use a predetermined card spread. Instead, I listen within and do what feels right. There are no expectations and no predefined meanings.

I often doodle about the things that come up for days following. It helps me to process my ideas, thoughts and questions.

Since I know how to read tarot cards, I also try to suspend what I know about a card. Instead, I look at each card that comes up with an open mind. I look at the images, the symbols, and get a sense of the card.

I often feel inspired by the images that come up and want to explore how they work together. For this, I use my trusty visual journal and a pencil to begin sketching.

Again, I remain open to what wants to become known as I sketch and see what appears on the page.

When my sketch feels complete, I like to spend time meditating on my drawings and the cards, which I keep in front of me throughout the entire process.

Watercolors are my favorite meditation medium. They make things more transparent while helping to bring forth a more in-depth meaning while I paint.

And not always, but sometimes, I like to outline my painting with a fine tip pen, going deeper into what is wanting to come forward. When inspired to do so, write on the page while listening to what wants to transform into words.

The essence of magic starts with letting go of expectations. Open up into a state of wonder, amazement, and curiosity. You too can live by your magic.