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Super Portable Watercolor Palette Ideas

Get Ready to Travel LIGHT!

Going on Vacation? Looking for Super Portable Watercolor options? 
In this timely summertime pre-travel video, I'll share with you my own explorations into making vacation art journal travel sooo easy.

I put a lot of thought and creative planning into my outdoor journeys because comfort and accessibility are top of my list! I not only want to have creative journal time while I'm on the road, but I also need it to be super portable.

This video will give you a tiny glimpse into my most recent travel plans and how I turned the challenge of my watercolor tin being a bit on the heavy side, into something that's as light and thin as a piece of paper.

PLUS there's a BONUS on how to make a Mixed-Media Travel Bundle! 

Two New Videos on Making Your Own Collage Papers! Woohoo!

Mixed-Bag Collage Papers
This video is #3 of a series on Handmade Collage papers. I’ll walk you through a mixed-bag of tricks. These are great for Visual Art Journaling and that’s exactly what you’ll see inside the club. 

Collage Papers from Old Book Pages
In Video #2, I walk through of various ways to make your own handmade collage papers from old book pages. These are great for all you artworks!

Two New Videos in the Club this Week! Woohoo!

Explore the Seasons
This video will help you creatively and intuitively explore the cycle of the seasons. Think of this as a map to help you find your inner guidance.

The Emperor Archetype
This is the 5 video in an exploration of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, but this is where you get to define what each archetype means for you.

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Art Techniques

I'll be adding a lot more to this course in the coming months, this will be your goto place to discover and explore art techniques.

Visual Journaling

Explorations in art journaling as our container to hold our stories, while we ponder the deeper meaning that can be found inside.

Creative Soul Explorations

Inside you'll find a wide variety of creative ways to explore you souls journey and express yourself in ways that give life meaning