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Creativity that Changes Our World from the Inside-Out

Two New Videos in the Club this Week! Woohoo!

Making Connections
This video explores a difficult home dynamic by using both the visual journal and my writing journal to tease apart valuable connections.

Cycles of Seasons 
This is a creative exploration in finding direction by using seasons as a metaphor. You'll learn how to tap into your intuition to create this map.

Two New Videos in the Club this Week! Woohoo!

Explore the Seasons
This video will help you creatively and intuitively explore the cycle of the seasons. Think of this as a map to help you find your inner guidance.

The Emperor Archetype
This is the 5 video in an exploration of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, but this is where you get to define what each archetype means for you.

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Art Techniques

I'll be adding a lot more to this course in the coming months, this will be your goto place to discover and explore art techniques.

Visual Journaling

Explorations in art journaling as our container to hold our stories, while we ponder the deeper meaning that can be found inside.

Creative Soul Explorations

Inside you'll find a wide variety of creative ways to explore you souls journey and express yourself in ways that give life meaning

Personal Narratives

Personal Narratives was a former mini class we did in December of 2020. I'll be updating this course throughout the summer 2021

Altered Art Books

Videos and Mini Classes to help you up-cycle books and turn them into art journals that you can record your creative journey.

Archetypes and the Tarot

Weekly Lessons will be Released from May through November 2021 as they are developed while we explore the Major Arcana.