Creative Dreamers Don’t Have to Choose

Creative dreamers have lots of dreams. Ever been told you have to niche it down, narrow your dreams? I disagree! We need all the dreams we can dare to dream.

Finding my creative dreams is something I thrive on. I’m always curious to see what’s next, what might be true for me and how I can create in this incredible time we live in. Sometimes my dreams are clear and other times they get muddled in with the messiness of life.

Creative Dreamers are here to Dream!

Creative dreams and the dreamers who create them, tend to have a lot of things they like to dream about. When you live in a world that says you have to pick something, stick with it and pursue a skill that makes a living (money), it becomes nearly impossible to breathe at times.

I’ve been learning about NOT picking one dream. Rather, following many dreams at once seems to come much more naturally to me. Multiple dreams add depth and layers to life. It’s a curious way to live.

But don’t multiple dreams lead to Overwhelm?

Many will argue that chasing after too many dreams will cause overwhelm. I’m not denying this, it does. But that’s me, that is what I live for. The variety, the excitement of finding new dreams. Overwhelm comes, and overwhelm goes. I’m not willing to narrow my life just because it’s not always easy.

I’m learning that I don’t have to choose one path, that I can be who I am and follow my dreamS. I may not always see things through to completion. Having many unfinished dreams is just part of the deal. I’m okay with that. I’ll just keep dreaming and learn to let go of the unfinished.

Dreams want to become Real

I’ve also seen many of my unfinished dreams picked up by others. Dreams want to become real things. Dreams have a way of looking out for themselves. And dreams can find new people who can breath life into them.

Some people are good at dreaming. Others are good at starting things. And there are even more people who love to finish and polish dreams.

Are you a Creative Dreamer? What are your Dreams?

Do what inspires you, share your passion and your creative dreams will find their way home.

My dream is to inspire our creative souls, to change our world, by creating meaningful experiences and be fully supported in living our dreams.

I invite you to explore your creative dreams and see what names you can give to them. There is a lot of power in the words we use. Give your dreams a voice, give them the words they need to grow.

And most important, acknowledge your dreams, breathe a bit of live into them. Love them because they love you.

Are you Ready to Dream a little Dream?

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