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Creativity is the magic spice that makes everything sparkle and shine. Creativity is an energy that runs through you, even if you don’t feel creative. Either way, you can choose to harness the power of creativity and make magic a part of your life. It’s not hard, you can totally do this and as you do, your life will take on more meaning and magic will be an everyday thing!

Karen Dawn

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Creativity Made Easy

Not everything you create has to look like something but some times it's easier to with a familiar place

Discover how easy it is to create art papers while you play and experiment with different mediums

Learn to up-cycle an old photo album and transform it into an art book using recycled materials

Creative Brainstorm and Planning Playsheets

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Hi ! I'm Karen Dawn and this is my story

Karen Dawn - Creative Soul

Creativity is a powerful energy that runs through everything you do, even if you don’t feel creative.

Hi, my name is Karen Dawn. A few years ago I started teaching art journaling. What surprised me was how many women who came and didn’t feel creative. Then soon after joining, these same women where announcing that they are now artists! I was amazed at the process I too was transforming through.

Now I want to take this to the next level by bringing to you all the fun and creative inspiration you need to grow your creative soul. Every week or so I post new video lessons to help you be the creative person you have been wanting to be.

Karen Dawn ~ Creative Soul