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Here's what I've been playing with

Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board doesn’t require a lot of materials or even knowhow. If you can tear images out of magazines and glue them down, you can make a vision board. But there are a few things that you might enjoy knowing before you get started.

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The Endless Journey or Hope

The Endless Journey of Self Healing

Depiction of an endless journey. Where objects just below the surface, pull me down. These are the things that seemingly keep me from reaching my goals. My dreams appear on the horizon as the bright shinning spot to reach. And yet I never give up hope. Always the seeker who never fully arrives.

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Tapping into the magic of universal communication

Tap into the Universe as Your Marketing System

Struggling with Marketing on the Internet? Tired of marketing promises that don’t work? Looking for a Natural Alternative to popular marketing strategies? I’m no expert, I don’t know all the right buzz words, but I’ll do my best to give you a view that I believe will help you to make marketing work for your online business.

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Add final contracting tones to bring each voice out into the open

The Critic and the Muse

Are you ready to explore your own inner critic, the shadow side of your inner self? And what about the muse, the one who supports you through all of your creative adventure, what shall you make of her in all her wisdom? Are you ready for the critic and the muse to become one voice?

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