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2020 Intentions Calendar

2020 Intentions Calendar

An Intentions calendar differs from a planner. I like the idea of setting intentions and letting go of expectations. This leaves room for magic to happen and I need lots of room for MAGIC. In fact, I’ve got some real magical plans coming your way in 2020!

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Step 5 - Angels are with You

Angels are with You

This is my first Life Book 2020 session work which is nothing like the actual lesson, rather I took the idea of angels being with me and created my own piece of unique artwork that I plan on using for the cover of my Life Book Journal.

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Planning doesn’t have to be boring. Planning is an exciting opportunity to get creative and play with ideas. Creative Planners are Magic Wands!

Art Journaling

Magic is all around us, all the time. We only need to acknowledge it. I like to call this planting magic seeds.

Creative Magic Classroom

Creative art journaling is a form of some very powerful magic. When we combine this energy with positive intentions we can energize the magic of manifesting.