Free Creative Dreamer Playsheets

FREE Creative Dreamer Playsheets

> These are the Playsheets I wish I had growing up!

> Who says we have to grow up?

> It's never too late to start playing!

Finding Your Dreams Playsheet

Creative dreams and the dreamers who create them, tend to have a lot of things they like dream about. When you live in a world that says you have to pick something, stick with it and pursue a skill that makes a living (money), it becomes nearly impossible to breathe at times. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You have a choice! READ ON (and dream on)

Are you on a Creative Soul Journey?

Do you want to live a more meaningful life?

A life that feeds your soul?

A life that honors your need to be creative?

Are you afraid that what you want isn’t practical?

Are you struggling to fit in with the “real world”?

I know exactly what this feels like. It’s not an easy place to be, but it’s one that people like us will never give up.

My name is Karen Dawn and I started this website to help find my own place in the world and to help creative souls like you find your own journey to a richer, deeper life.

The Power of Meaning and Other Creative Pursuits

Can We Find Meaning AND Happiness?

The Power of Meaning – Finding Fulfillment in a World Obsessed with Happiness, is a book that found me when I was feeling a little lost and in need of guidance. I was feeling overwhelmed by all the options of building an online business and the pressures of finding a profitable blog niche.

Make Your Creative Dreams Real, was the perfect pairing, like having dessert paired with a fine wine. These two books go perfectly together. My first thought was, if I were to write a book (or grow a blog) it would be a combination of these two topics.

More on both of these topics coming soon…

About Me and Why I Started this Blog

My name is Karen Dawn and I’m on a Creative Soul Journey that I’d love to share with you. I started this blog to help women like you live a more meaningful life that feeds the soul while honoring our need to be creative.

I understand how we need to walk our own path and why we often feel unsupported. Creativity is one of the most valuable resources we have, and for me, creativity gives me access to a meaningful way of living. Through this blog I hope to inspire you to use your creative mind to live more fully.

Karen Dawn Creative Soulprenuer