Exploring Childhood Emotional Set-Point

This intuitive collage brings me insight, connection, empowerment, and reflection, without covering up all the emotional set-point layers underneath.

The first layer explores my raw set-point childhood emotions and the second layer brings in a more conscious sense of feeling. The final layer of my collage brought me insight, connection, empowerment, and reflection, without covering up all the emotional set-point layers underneath.

I feel that this is important, not feeling the need to cover up difficult emotions. Rather, giving them the space they need to be present, so I can be present in the here and now.

Childhood was difficult for me. I didn't fit in and there was a layer of uncertainty that ruled my days. I found refuge in my art, these are represented by the intuitively doodled doorways, and this was how I escaped my feelings. Art saved me. 

I feel this collage shows me a connection between my inner child, my outward personality, and my soul or higher self. There is a sense of guidance here, of protection, of trust. 

As a woman of 50+ years, I can appreciate the great difficulties I have experienced in my lifetime. I can see how I'm connected to my past experiences without being weighted down by them. 

The girl with the golden radiating crown I believe represents me in the here and now. Still a child at heart, yet I have much love and security now. 

The mirror is a reflection and a portal to healing. Art is my mirror, it is my mirror to my soul. I no longer have to escape into art, art is a source of empowerment for me now.

Art is a Mirror to the Soul

And while the clouds may seem ominous and the threat of lightning striking me is certainly present, I've learned to transform these storms, through my art, into understanding that heals and forgives.

Putting it all together and seeing the bigger picture is an amazing experience that has a way of transforming life in the present moment while preserving the past with honor and understanding.

Your Turn to Explore

Here are a few steps to get you started on your own exploration.

Step 1: Connect with your past and the underlying emotions that were present throughout your childhood.

Step 2: Select a few colors and a few images that feel like a good match.

Step 3: Make your collage in a loose and intuitive way. Don't be concerned with how it looks, just be curious. 

Step 4: Doodle, draw, and/or paint on top of your collage. 

Step 5: Spend some time free writing about what comes up for you when you explore your finished piece. 

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