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Magical Collage Messages

And Exploring the Power of Mindset

Please Join us Sunday, March 26th from 10am-11am PDT (6pm BST)

We will start off with a brief art journaling lesson to help you discover Magical Collage Messages. I'll also introduce our topic, Growth vs Fixed Mindset. We will meet for an hour, and play in our journals while engaging in open-format conversation.

Why Explore Mindset? 
Mindset, when explored from the perspective of growth and fixed types, can be a real eye-opening experience. I've always considered myself to have a growth mindset, but recently I discovered a darker side lurking in the shadows. To my surprise, that shadow was a fixed mindset!  

Sure, I still had a growth mindset, but now it was competing with one that was more fixed. Just understanding this has helped me to shift my perspective. I'm not out of the woods yet, but I'm growing in new directions and hopeful for a brighter future.  

I hope you'll join me in this creative and conversational meetup to explore what might be lurking in the shadows for you and find ways to turn your attention to your full potential.

I believe we can all benefit from shifting to a growth mindset by understanding where we may have fallen into the trap of being fixed.

What to Bring 
Basic Collage Materials (magazine, glue stick, scissors). Art Journal, Altered Book, or Heavyweight Paper.