Anything Goes Mixed-Media Shadow Box

There are two versions of this course. $20 for the Short and $45 for the Full Version

Class Summary

In this class, you will learn how to intuitively create a shadow box using materials you already have or that you can find to recycle (think thrift stores and garage sales). While I demonstrate one way to go about it, I encourage you to gather up what you have and dive in for some creative fun.

This was an anything goes 6-day process that took me on a wild ride into creating my first shadow box. I pulled together many of the skills I've learned and mastered in the area of art journaling and brought them together into a mini three-dimensional world.  

This course is available in two different versions. The FULL VERSION is 4:50 hours long and the other is a TRIMMED VERSION at just 1:30 hours. Both versions are fully edited and broken down into watchable sections. Either one will give you everything you need to make your own shadow box, but if you want more details and don't want to miss anything, opt for the longer version.  

Not everything you create has to turn out or become a masterpiece, but by allowing yourself to play in an intuitive way, the magical flow of creativity will engage you in ways you never knew you could do. This is ultimately what this class has to teach you, enjoy.